You might have noticed that your anxious thoughts can spiral off on their own. As a result, you feel hopeless or depressed when thinking about certain situations. But, you are not alone in this. Our approach to online counseling for anxiety focuses on the underlying causes of your anxiety. We often think that we know why we are anxious in the moment. But, we don’t realize that we’ve spent a lifetime creating unhelpful thought processes. In the end, these only help us avoid the source of our anxiety.

Grief & Loss

Anyone can experience grief and loss. It can be sudden or expected; however, individuals are unique in how they experience this event. Grief, itself, is a normal and natural response to loss. There are a variety of ways that individuals respond to loss. Some are healthy coping mechanisms and some may hinder the grieving process.

Life Skills

How do you pursue your dreams and begin living a life you love Right Now? How do you tap into more knowledge, intuition, energy, and purpose to fuel your days and give you peaceful rest each night? Are you ready to experience healthier and happier relationships, satisfying work, and the joy of knowing you are living your best life?


Let’s face it: relationships are hard. Ask any couple who has been together for any length of time, and they will confirm what we know to be true—relationships are challenging, and they take effort to maintain. The good news for those seeking some direction, therapy is helpful in reducing distress in most cases.


Trauma hurts in more ways than one. Whether you’re replaying the events in your mind, letting it impact your relationships or life choices, or feeling unworthy of happiness. Everyone deserves a chance to heal from their inner pain. At Journey To You, LLC, we’re here to help you meet those goals.

Pet Loss

Our relationships with our pets are truly intimate and deeply personal. It’s only natural to feel sadness and begin grieving after experiencing the loss of a pet. Pet loss counseling is a useful resource during those difficult times of bereavement.


Addiction is a disease that can not only lead to horrible health problems but can also affect other aspects of a person’s life such as their relationships, mental health, and career. When a substance begins to have this type of control, it is time to get help.

Personal Growth Services

Everyone is entitled to live a happy and healthy life, to feel secure & to be happy with one’s own identity. Journey To You, LLC believes that we can help people to not only alleviate the negative effects of trauma, depression, anxiety & other adversities, but to actually lead lives of happiness and fulfillment.

Individual Therapy for Adults in Connecticut

Journey to You, LLC provides assistance for meeting life’s challenges for Individuals seeking to redefine their lives. Whether challenged by anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, career changes, relationship issues or loss, pet loss, even substance /alcohol challenges, Journey to You can help you navigate your path to healing with skills and compassion learned from 15 years experience in the field.


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